Wednesday, 25 September 2013

MSBI Interview Questions- Part(2)

Session on 21-09-2013(F)

1. What Type of Connection Managers is used in ur project?
2. Transformations used in ur Project
3. What is use Merge Join
4. Sort Transformation is compulsory or not
5. How to eliminate duplicates
6. Audit information is useful or not
7. Event Handlers and used in ur project
8. Execute Sql Task, How to use in Real Time
9. Variables, Check Points in ur Project
10. How to check the data passing from source to destination correctly
11. Data viewers and Types
12. What is ur of User variables
13. Script Component and used in Project
14. Package Deployment
15. How do u do Package Configuration
16. How to u encryption data from one place to another place
17. What is CTE
18. What is Difference between Local and Global Temp Tables
19. How can u handle duplicate data using Temp tables or Another
20. How do u use Indexes and Types of Indexes
21. How long work with Mdx and SSAS
22. Aggregation and Partitions
23. Hierarchs and Types
24. Star and Snowflake Schemes
25. Report Builder and SSRS
26. Linked Reports and SubReports
27. Types of Reports
28. Types of Parameters
29. How to deleting options in report display at browser(only pdf)
30. Snapshots

Session on 24-09-2013(F)

1. Why is need of Data warehouse?
2. Package Optimization Methods
3. What type of source files are used in Project
4. How to Pull data in Data warehouse
5. How to Deploy the Report
6. What is Incremental Load
7. U create a variable in DataflowTask and used it Entire Package or not
8. U changes the scope of variable from Dataflowtask ->Package.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part-1)

Session on 06-07-2013(F)

1. Translators?
2. Write back Property?
3. Look up and Example clearly?

Session on 13-07-2013(F)
1. How many languages are used to retrieve data from cube?
2. Degeneration dimensions?
3. write back property
4. Named Calculations and example in real time
5. member,tuple,set definition explain and example
6. Named set
7. Aggregations
8. Creating cube , what challenges u faced
9. How to improve cube performance
10. Before cube creation process methods
11. Datawarehouse
12. Star & Showflake and difference between them
14. difference between parellelperiod and periods_to_date
16. what is current member
17. what is descendants
18. Drill Through Reports
19. Click Through Reports
20. Drill down Reports
21. sub report
22. one main report and two sub reports exports two in separate excels
23. ssis how to handle errors
24. what are transformations
25. character map transformations
26. blocking and non blocking
27. synchronous and asynchronous
28. hash index
29. Architectures of ssis,ssas,ssrs
30. Top 5 in MDX
31. snap shots

Session on 25-07-2013(F)
1. Types of constraints
2. Triggers
3. Constraints
4. How to initiate the triggers
5. 2nd highest salary of employees
6. ssis _ merge ,In merge any condition is used or not and explain brief example
7. Slowly changes dimension explain
8. Bulk insert task and give example
9. 100 to 1000 records are in database , u retrieve data from 100 to 200 records by using ssis transformations
10. design of cube
11. shared database ---> local database ---> destination tables. How to performs ssis transformations on it.
12. dimensions and fact
13. Check Points
14. How to place Check Points in package level or Task level and briefly explain
15. How about Loggings and types of Loggings