Friday, 26 December 2014

General and Advanced ETL Testing Interview Questions

ETL Testing Interview Questions

General Questions

• What is a three tier data warehouse?
• What are OLTP and OLAP?
• Who are the participants of data warehouse testing?
• What is Master data management?
• Mention what are the types of data warehouse applications and what is the difference between data mining and data warehousing?
• Explain what is tracing level and what are the types?
• Explain what is Grain of Fact?
• What is MDM (Master data management) ?
• What is Full load & Incremental or Refresh load?

General ETL Interview Questions

• What is ETL?
• What is ETL process? How many steps ETL contains?
• Why ETL testing is required?
• What are ETL tester responsibilities?
• Explain ETL testing life cycle?
• Explain ETL Mapping Sheets?
• How many types of ETL Testing?
• Mention few Test cases and explain them
• How to prepare test cases for ETL / Data Warehousing testing?
• How many types of Bugs in ETL?
• Explain what are the ETL testing operations includes?
• What are the various tools used in ETL?
• How to fine tune mappings?
• What are the differences between SQL Override and Update Override?
• Data Warehouse Testing vs Database Testing
• Who are the participants of data warehouse testing

Advanced ETL interview Questions

• In your project you are using which type of data base and how much space ?
• What is tracing level? How many types of transformations supported by sorted input?
• If there are ten thousand records in a source system, how do we ensure that all ten thousand are loaded to the target without any dysfunctional values?
• I have ten records in my source system but I need to load only 2 records to the target for each run. How do I do this?
• Give some examples of real time data warehousing