Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What is Fact or Measure & Types with Examples

Measure or Fact Table
                       Fact tables contain measurements of individual business processes.
It contains two sections in the table
(a) Foreign Keys to Dimensions
(b) Facts or Measures

Fully Additive Facts:
It can be summarized across any and all dimensions information stored in Fact Table.

Revenue Quantity

Semi Additive Facts:
Semi Additive Facts are Facts that can be summed up for some of the dimensions in the Fact Table.

Inventory Quantities can be summed up through the model and Dealer dimension but not through the Time Dimension

Non Additive Facts:
                    Non Additive Facts are Facts that cannot be summed across any dimensions in the Fact Table.
All Ratios are Non Additive Facts.

In the below Diagram shows Margin rate is non additive.

Margin rate=Margin_Amount / Revenue

Fact less Fact Table:
A Fact Table contains no measures or facts that type of Facts are known as Fact less Fact Table. Sometimes store a “1” for convenience.

A fact table which has only key elements is a fact less fact. There are no measures in this table


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