Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Load data from multiple tables into single table by using SSIS

              In this article, I will explain How to Load data from multiple tables (6 Tables) into single table by using SSIS.
• The solution of the above problem by using Execute SQL Task, Foreach Loop Container, Script Task and Data Flow Task as follows.

• First you create three variables with default values (Scope-Package level).

• Using Execute SQL Task to get the table names from database and stored that information into variable [@Tablenames].

• Foreach Loop Container is used to get single table name at a time and stored into variable [@Sourcename].

• Script Task is used to create the Query and stored into variable [@ConnectionQuery].

• By using Dataflow Task to get data from Database and stored into Destination table.

Note: The Source 6 tables and Destination table contains same structure.

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