Tuesday, 17 December 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part 10)

Session on 27-11-13(F_SYM)

1) What type of destiantions u use mostly
2) Difference between ole db destination & sql server destiantion
3) What if full cache,partial and no cahce
4) When do u give ignore failure,failure component
5) what is the input query u give in lookup
6) how would you map target tables in the target table
7) what is activex control flow task
8) what is the main purpose of lookup
9) what type of joins exist in it
10) what is the main diff between execute sql task and oledb command
11) what is the use of script component
12) Briefly explain when sources,destiantions and transformations exist
13) How would you map target table column with input units

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