Sunday, 26 January 2014

MSBI Interview Questions (Part-1) Extn

Session on 01-08-2013(T)
1. Data ware house and types (two) bill inmon and others
2. SCD and types
3. Explain Technically of scd in ur project
4. How many duplicates in table
5. Copy the structure.
6. I have a table bit of 1and 0’s ... how to update 1=0 and 0=1
7. Temp and Temp table explain
8. Cube partition and types, how to create partition in ur cube
9. Isolated Levels in package and types
10. Cube security and levels ( Customers in us to see only us data)

Session on 11-08-2013(T)
1. How to move cube to production
2. Named Calculations and where they are created?

Session on 11-08-2013(S)
1. What is u r Data source?
2. What is ftp?
3. What is the another use of cte except remove duplicates ?
4. can u write a query using orderby,group by,having and where clause in joins ?
5. performance tunning in sql server?
6. wht is index types of index?
7. wht is cluster and non cluster index?
8. trouble shooting in ssis?
9. Did u face any error in u r project? how u can resolve it?
10. i have 2data sources one data source having 1000 records another data source having 1000 record also how u can identify the row count?
11. wht package configaration? and types? and wht is use of all package configarations?
12. wht is procedures? can u create simple procedures or complex preocedures?
13. triggers and types?
14. how ucan delete the duplicates like name and gender without id tell me?
15. wht is the use of sequential process and paralell processing in ssis?

Session on 11-08-2013(R)
1. 10 text files how to read from folder?
2. Difference merge and union all?
3. Deploy the Packages?
4. Named Set?
5. Calculations?
6. Parallel Period in Ur project?
7. Ascendant and descendent?
8. Set and Tuple Difference?
9. Table and Matrix Difference?
10. Strtoset or strtomember in mdx?
11. Look up
12. Parameters pass to mdx

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