Saturday, 31 May 2014

Definition of Table & Cube

         A table is an arrangement of columns and rows used to organize and position data.

         The cube is a multidimensional data structure from which you can query for business information. You build cubes out of your fact data and the dimensions.

Above figure shows a Sales cube that was created from the fact table & dimensions. Consider the front face of the cube that shows numbers. The above cube has three dimensions: Time, Product and State.
It shows sold product information.
Each block of the cube is called a cell and is uniquely identified by a member in each dimension.
For Example, analyze the bottom –left corner cell that has the values 4,784 and $98,399. The values indicate the number of sales and sales amount. This cell refers to sales of product type of Ale in the state of Washington (WA) for July2008.
Notice that some cells do not have any value; this is because no facts are available for those cells in the fact table.

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