Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What is a Package in SSIS?

A Package is a core object with in Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS). It contains
• Business logic
• Work flow elements
• Connections

          Business logic to handle the data extraction, manipulation, and transformation tasks needed to move data from one location to another location depends on requirement.
          Workflow elements involve running a stored procedure, moving a file from an FTP server to a destination folder on your server, or sending an email message when an error occurs. The work flow elements are in control flow.
          Connections to connect to different external systems such as databases, files, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Servers, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Servers. Connections are used for this SSIS data processing engine called as dataflow.

Finally the package is best parallels an executable program that maintains workflow and business logic. Simply say that a package is a collection of tasks snapped together to execute in an orderly fashion.

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