Friday, 26 September 2014

Creating SSIS Packages

     In this article, I will explain that how many ways to creating packages.
     By using two ways to create package

•   By using the built in Import and Export Wizard in SQL Server 2008, which asks you about moving data from source to a destination and then automatically generates an SSIS package. After you create a package in the wizard, you can execute it immediately, schedule it, or associate it with an SSIS project.
How to Import data by using Import & Export Wizard )

•   By explicitly creating a package inside an SSIS project in BIDS. BIDS in SQL Server 2008 uses the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 interface. Within the BIDS development environment, you first create as SSIS project and then create and develop new packages.
 ( Creating SSIS Project in BIDS )

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