Monday, 25 November 2013

SQL Server Interview Questions (Part 3)

Session on 26-11-13(F_BOA)

· Difference between Having & Where Clause and both are using in same Select Command
· Difference between Join & Union
· How to Handle Errors in SP and How to Store Errors in Another Table
· How to Get Next Auto generated Value in Sql
· Sub Queries and Explain when u used SubQueries in ur Project
· How to find 2nd Largest Salary of Employee in a Table
· How to find 3rd Largest Salary of Employee in a Table
· In above Two Question without SubQueries u implemented or Not
· Explain Simple use of Substring , Lowercase and Uppercase

· Table1 contains Student Details like Student Number and Name, Table2 contains Student Marks and Grades. U find who had fallen between Minimum and Maximum Respective Grades

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