Monday, 25 November 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part 9)

Session on 26-11-13(F_BOA)

· How to u Find Data is there or not in Source
· What are the Containers are used in ur project and why
· Explains Precedence Constraints
· Difference between DTS & SSIS Package
· How to Handle Errors in SSIS
· How to Store Error Logs in SSIS
· What are the Configurations are used in ur Project
· Variables and Explain when u used Variables in ur Project
· In ur Project u used Sequence Container
· I want to Migrate data from Flat File to Sql Server , How the Performance can be improved
· Briefly Explains How many Stages in ur Project
· Script Task and Explain how many ways to ur Script Task in ur Project
· What type of Script used in ur project and Why
· What is Paradox Server and Explains

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