Thursday, 10 October 2013

SQL Server Interview Questions (Part 1)

Session on 08-10-13(TL)

· Data ware Development Life Cycle.
· What is the Stored Procedure(SP).
· What is the Precompiled Option in SP.
· One table and One View, The structure was same but not related with each other.Table Contains 100            Rows &View Contains 200 Rows. Now Please Write Query for Total Rows in those Two.
· One Table u finds orphan records in a database.(orphan means their parent record_ in another table has        been deleted) Employee table & Employee Parent table but some time deleted records in Employee              Parent table only. How to find which records are deleted in Parent Table.
· Difference between Merge and Merge Join
· One table u Delete Duplicate Records without used CTE
· Triggers and Explain Types.
· What is the Mechanism for Triggers and Explain Briefly(How to Run Triggers)
· Indexes and what is the difference between Rebuild Index and Re organize Index
· 3 Triggers in a Table (Table have 20 Columns) First Trigger writes in first 3 columns in a table. Second          Trigger writes in 4 to 9 columns in a table. Third Trigger writes in 10 after in a table. Can u Please Explain?    If write any Operation what is order of Triggers are Executed.
· What is Select into & Insert into
· One table have Primary key. Can i use Non Clustered Index on Primary key


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  2. Hello,
    SQL Server Analysis Services – This is the place where you receive the data from data marts/data warehouse to build cube. SSAS (in short) allows you to build multi-dimensional data models or CUBES to pre-calculate and store these data into a the data for the end user to build analysis on top of it. Thanks for sharing this article.