Friday, 11 October 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part 5)

Session on 08-10-13(TL)

1. What are Types of Dimensions
2. Package Configurations used to in ur Project
3. Please Explain XML and Environment Variable Configurations
4. How u Achieve Parallelism in SSIS
5. One Flat file Contains some Codes how to eliminate the codes and finally stores in ur Database
6. What is use of Audit File in ur Packages
7. Difference between Union all & Merge Join & Merge
8. What is the Difference between OLTP and OLAP
9. What is Fact less Fact
10. What type of Reports u Worked on ur Project
11. What is Cascading Parameters
12. What are the Rendering Methods in SSRS
13. Disable One Option in Rendering Methods in SSRS

Session on 08-10-13(TR)

1. What type of Transformations u worked on it
2. What is significant of catch (Full & Partial)
3. What is Types of SCD’s
4. U Create SSIS Package. It have 10 files but i want only deploy 5 files
5. How to Pass Variables from Parent Package to Child Package (Clearly Explain with Example. In this Ex which variable is changed)
6. To create one Package with Data Source but the Data source is down that time Package run or not and What type of Errors are Occurred
7. What is Logging Information
8. How to Aggregate SSAS Cube with SSIS Package
9. U can Only Process Single Partition of the Cube
10. What is use of Having Clause in Sql
11. Can we call SP in side Function
12. What is the Difference between Derived Measure and Calculated Measures?
13. What are Functions used in MDX
14. In SSRS Detailed Report is Display in the Same Page.
15. Standard Terminology of Sub Reports in SSRS
16. What is Degenerated Dimension

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