Tuesday, 8 October 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part 4)

Session on 03-10-13

· Difference between Union & Union All Transformations?
· How to Run Packages Parallel in SSIS?
· How to Deploy the Cube?
· In DSV Tables or Named Query Calculations. Which one is Execute One?
· Perspectives and Explain what is use of Perspectives?
· How to Delete Duplicate Rows in a Table?
· Logging and Explain how many types are Available?
· Explain SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)?
· Drawbacks in SSRS Reports?

Session on 12-10-13(FA)

· What is Connection Pooling
· By Using SSIS Aggregation How Many Outputs are there
· Unit Testing in SSIS
· What is Dimension Table & Fact Table
· Different Types of Measures and Explain with Examples
· Explain Clearly Architecture of UDM
· Where is used Surrogate key
· Explain about SCD’s
· Different Types of Schemas and Which one is More Normalized
· Different Types of Containers
· Different Types of Sources in SSIS
· In Ur Project used OLDB or Sql Destinations
· What is Reason u used OLDB Destination
· Synchronous & Asynchronous Transformations (Explain with Example)
· Blocking & Non Blocking & Partial Blocking also(with Examples)
· Difference between Merge & Merge Join & Union all
· With Out Sort Transformation using Merge Join Operation
· Configurations and Explain Direct & In Direct Configurations
· Explain about Sequence Container with Example
· Drill Through & Drill Down Reports
· How Many Types of Subscriptions
· How can handle Multi valued Parameters
· Which Transformation is used Update Command in Data
· How to Maintain Package Optimization

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