Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MSBI Interview Questions (Part 7)

Session on 13-10-13(TL)

1. What is Data Ware house and Advantages
2. How to Improve Performance by using Analysis Services
3. KPI and Example
4. What is use of SSAS
5. How to End users performance with Cube
6. What is use of ad hoc Reporting
7. Perspectives and uses
8. Significance of cube
9. Remove orphan records in ur database( It contains 2 or 3 Millions)
10. Table contains 100 records and View contains 200 records (both the structures are same). How to get         300 records by using SQL Command
11. How to create Data Ware house
12. Types of Dimensions & Measures
13. Cleary Explain Degenerate Dimension & Role Played Dimension
14. Cluster and Non Clustered Indexes
15. How to Explain Indexes Concept Briefly with Example
16. Sub Query’s and Types

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