Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How to deploy SSIS package without using manifest file

Deploy SSIS Package by using Command line

               SQL Server introduces the command line tool DTUTIL.EXE; it is used to manage SSIS packages. The tool can copy, move, delete, or verify the existence of a package and it is a good choice when you want to script out the deployment of SSIS Packages.


• First we create the package with the name Sample1.dtsx at d:\ssis\ location.
• Open a command prompt and navigate the ssis project folder as shown below.

• In this example that follows, I will explain how to deploy the Sample1.dtsx package to the FileSystem and SQL Server.

• To deploy the package to the file system by using DTUTIL command as follows.

         à Execute DTUYIL Command at Command line as shown below.

• To deploy the package to the SQL Server by using DTUTIL command as follows.
       à Before and After position of packages at Integration Services in SQL Server.

Note: The above command deploys to the default SQL Server instance on the local machine.

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  1. It helps...IS there any switch to the command so that we can inject config file also....